Andy Irvine & Paul Brady 40th Anniversary Tour Program

Paul and Andy

In May 2017 Andy Irvine and Paul toured Ireland in commemoration and celebration of their iconic 1977 album ‘Andy Irvine and Paul Brady’. With them onstage were Donal Lunny and Kevin Burke who played on the original record, Donal also producing it.

With three nights in Dublin’s Vicar Street and concerts in Cork, Limerick, Galway, Derry and Belfast the tour was a total sell out and a truly joyful affair with, in addition to their many Irish followers, fans from Japan, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium, Germany and many parts of USA turning up…many of whom weren’t born when the album came out and were now seeing Paul and Andy live for the first time.

Paul and Andy

This is the souvenir program of the tour, a 24 page colour booklet on high quality paper and signed by Paul and Andy.  Together with historical anecdotes of the recording, contemporary photos and concert posters and background details of the songs, it includes a CD of a live recording of Andy and Paul from March 1977 in The Towne Crier, Beekman, NY. Never before heard in public and not available anywhere else, this recording presents them as they sounded just prior to the release of the now classic album and is a must-have for anyone who missed the 40th Anniversary shows or who were there but didn’t manage to snap one up.
Live songs on the CD are ‘The Plains Of Kildare’, ‘Mary And The Soldier’, ‘The Jolly Soldier’ followed by ‘The Blarney Pilgrim’, ‘Martinmas Time’ followed by ‘The Little Stack of Wheat’ and the instrumental reels ‘Fred Finns’s’ and ‘Sailing Into Walpole’s Marsh’

Purchase: Andy Irvine & Paul Brady 40th Anniversary tour program including exclusive live CD & signed by Andy & Paul!! 

CD Tracklist

  1. The Plains Of Kildare
  2. Mary And The Soldier
  3. The Jolly Soldier / The Blarney Pilgrim
  4. Martinmas Time / The Little Stack of Wheat
  5. Fred Finns’s / Sailing Into Walpole’s Marsh

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