40th Anniversary

Andy Irvine & Paul Brady 40th Anniversary Tour Program

Paul and Andy

In May 2017 Andy Irvine and Paul toured Ireland in commemoration and celebration of their iconic 1977 album ‘Andy Irvine and Paul Brady’. With them onstage were Donal Lunny and Kevin Burke who played on the original record, Donal also producing it.

With three nights in Dublin’s Vicar Street and concerts in Cork, Limerick, Galway, Derry and Belfast the tour was a total sell out and a truly joyful affair with, in addition to their many Irish followers, fans from Japan, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium, Germany and many parts of USA turning up…many of whom weren’t born when the album came out and were now seeing Paul and Andy live for the first time.

Paul and Andy

This is the souvenir program of the tour, a 24 page colour booklet on high quality paper and signed by Paul and Andy.  Together with historical anecdotes of the recording, contemporary photos and concert posters and background details of the songs, it includes a CD of a live recording of Andy and Paul from March 1977 in The Towne Crier, Beekman, NY. Never before heard in public and not available anywhere else, this recording presents them as they sounded just prior to the release of the now classic album and is a must-have for anyone who missed the 40th Anniversary shows or who were there but didn’t manage to snap one up.
Live songs on the CD are ‘The Plains Of Kildare’, ‘Mary And The Soldier’, ‘The Jolly Soldier’ followed by ‘The Blarney Pilgrim’, ‘Martinmas Time’ followed by ‘The Little Stack of Wheat’ and the instrumental reels ‘Fred Finns’s’ and ‘Sailing Into Walpole’s Marsh’

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CD Tracklist

  1. The Plains Of Kildare
  2. Mary And The Soldier
  3. The Jolly Soldier / The Blarney Pilgrim
  4. Martinmas Time / The Little Stack of Wheat
  5. Fred Finns’s / Sailing Into Walpole’s Marsh


“Apparently there are 102 strings on stage,” quips Paul Brady as he tunes one of the impressive array of instruments ranged behind him and Andy Irvine. Dónal Lunny has a couple of string instruments to go along with his bodhrán and keyboard. Kevin Burke seems comparatively modest with his violin’s four strings.
The more unusual instruments, like the bouzouki and the hurdy-gurdy, and the guitars in various tunings, are a testament to the restless curiosity that culminated in the 1976 album ‘Andy Irvine and Paul Brady’. Tuning between songs allows time for stories to flow, and Irvine and Brady give background to the original compositions (“from the mad brains we had back in the 70s”), and to those songs sourced from others such as Eddie Butcher, Andy Mitchell, Shirley Collins, Paddy Tunney, and Sam Henry.
The wounded soldier’s love song, Bonny Woodhall, from Sam Henry’s collection, has a beautiful accompaniment that swirls around Irvine’s clear vocal. The instrumentation builds throughout, drawing the listener into the story as it unfolds. Most of the instruments are picked up by microphones so there is a wonderful immediacy as every pluck and bow is amplified.
The two Sligo tunes that follow, Fred Finn’s Reel and Sailing Into Walpole’s Marsh, are lead by Brady and the reflective mood of the previous song is chased away by the banter between the four musicians (“drain that marsh!”). Lunny picks up the bodhrán for these, lending a very satisfying, full bass sound to the melody instruments.
Brady tells of receiving a letter while “languishing in the US in the early 70s”, from Liam O’Flynn asking him to join Planxty. The only song he had was a version of Arthur McBride and the Sergeant. Irvine recalls the first time Brady sang it for them in Donegal, and we are treated to a genuinely moving performance of this treasured favourite. The crowd burst into prolonged applause after the final “…for it being on Christmas morning”, and as the assembly settle back into their seats, Lunny confirms with a smile that “…they let him into Planxty!”
Irvine’s plaintive Autumn Gold follows, preceded by his amusing recollection of singing it in a barn to the girl he wrote it for “…just the two of us there…she never said a f**king word!”
After these two moving songs comes The Jolly Soldier, sung by Brady. His voice is in fine form, rich and strong. Andy Irvine’s excellent harmonica playing leads the charge in the jig that follows out of the song, The Blarney Pilgrim. Brady can’t resist lilting along.
It’s forty years since the album’s release. The performers and the audience are older, this music now a precious thread woven into all their lives. There is deep joy and exhilaration shared in Vicar Street tonight as it is spun out again through the hands of these four master musicians.
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In Pictures: Andy Irvine & Paul Brady 40th Anniversary Tour

Many thanks to the Twitter Community for sharing their memories!

Setlist: 19/May/2017 – Andy Irvine & Paul Brady

19/May/2017  – Andy Irvine & Paul Brady,  Cork Opera House, Cork Ireland (40th Anniversary Reunion Tour)


Heather on the Moor
Lord Thomas
Stensons (Set of Tunes)
Băneasă's Green Glade / Horo
Cocks Are Crowing
The Dream / Indiana
Wearin' the Britches
The Blacksmith / Blacksmithereens


Martinmas Time / The Little Stack of Wheat
Lough Erne Shore
Bonny Woodhall
Fred Finn's Reel / Sailing into Walpole's Marsh (Set of Reels)
Arthur McBride
Autumn Gold
The Jolly Soldier / Blarney Pilgrim
Streets of Derry
Mary and the Soldier
Plains of Kildare


The Braes Of Moneymore
Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore

Note: This set was typical of the 40th Anniversary Tour concerts. The Vicar St. gig that I attended had the exact same setlist.

Andy & Paul 2017 Tour – Rehearsals Underway, Brady Interviewed & Last remaining tickets on sale!

Andy Irvine & Paul Brady reunite later this week for the 40th Anniversary of “the Album” (a.k.a. one of the greatest moments in folk music recorded history!). Heres what’s been happening



Paul Brady on The Rolling Wave – Sunday, 10.00pm on RTÉ Radio 1

A look forward and a look back in the company of Paul Brady to a famous and much loved album of songs and tunes by himself, Andy Irvine, Dónal Lunny and Kevin Burke.

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