Song Book “Aiming For The Heart”

Andy has published a Song Book. The Hardback edition is highly recommended!

(1988). Aiming for the Heart (1st ed.). Germany: Heupferd Musik Verlag GmbH. ISBN 39-2344-501-6.

(2008) Aiming for the Heart: Irish Song Affairs (2nd expanded ed.). Germany: Heupferd Musik Verlag GmbH. ISBN 978-3-923445-05-9.

You can purchase a copy from the following links:

Andy’s Song Book: (Paperback) (Hardback) [Pictured] (Paperback)


Available now! The songbook of Andy Irvine. His early masterpieces. Lyrics, notes, chords, comments, discographical datas and illustrations by Eamonn O’Doherty. Intro Paul Brady.

Among this rapidly developing morass of mediocrity, Andy Irvine’s voice stood out like a welcoming light, a warm fire on a winter’s night. This warmth and integrity has remained with him ever since.

But Andy’s singing is only half of the story. His harmonica playing and ready facility with almost any stringed instrument led him from his earlier days with “Sweeney’s Men” to become one of the cornerstones of the legendary “Planxty” sound – a sound which, throughout the seventies, gradually and permanently changed the way the world looked at Irish music.

Nevertheless, all this talent would have amounted to little were it not for Andy’s “ear for a good song”. Few singers over the past years can claim to have brought to the attention of listeners such a wealth of classic and beautiful songs – and not only those traditional tunes he painstakingly researched and lovingly arranged but also his own compositions.

The best of his early songs are now collected together in this book and not before time. If you the reader, can derive one tenth of the pleasure from it that I have – well then your money will have been well spent. Good singing and happy reading!

Paul Brady


This songbook contains the following songs (vocal/melody-lines, chords):

West Coast Of Clare
Arthur MacBride
Pat Reilly
Time Will Cure Me
Plains Of Kildare
Bonny Woodhall
Martinmas Time
Autumn Gold
The Rambling Siúler
You Rambling Boys Of Pleasure
Smeceno Horo
Roger O’Hehir
Johnny Of Brady’s Lea
Thousands Are Sailing
Napoleon Bonaparte
General Monroe
Farewell To Old Ireland
Edward Connors
The Longford Weaver
Farewell To Ballymoney
Romanian Song (Blood And Gold)
King Bore And The Sandman
Rainy Sundays
Willy O’Winsbury
Creggan White Hare
At Twenty One
Captain Colston
Captain Thunderbolt
The Dodger’s Song
Baneasa’s Green Glade
Sure To Be A Row
My Heart’s Tonight In Ireland


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