The Late Late Show broadcast 23 December 1972

The Holly She Bears A Berry 1972

Andy Irvine joins members of The Press Gang to sing a traditional Cornish Christmas carol.

A vocal group noted for their unaccompanied singing, The Press Gang is composed of Niall Fennell, Tom Crean, Dave Smyth and Sean Ó Corcoráin who perform English and Irish folk songs and sea shanties.

Folk musician, singer songwriter and member of Planxty Andy Irvine joins Tom Crean and Niall Fennell to sing the traditional Cornish Christmas Carol ‘The Holly She Bears A Berry’ (also known as the ‘Sans Day Carol’),

Now the holly she bears a berry as white as the milk,

And Mary she bore Jesus, all wrapped up in silk,

And Mary she bore Jesus Christ our Saviour for to be,

And the first tree that’s in the greenwood, it was the holly.

This episode of The Late Late Show was broadcast on 23 December 1972. The presenter is Gay Byrne.

“That’s very nostalgic! How sad Tom Crean is no longer with us. He was one of the founders of the wonderful and well remembered Tradition Club in Slattery’s in Capel St. I had been drummed in to The Press Gang to replace the unavailable Sean Corcoran & Dave Smyth.” Andy Irvine Dec 23 2022


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