‘LIVE AT FOXROCK FOLK CLUB’ Rare Andy Irvine Tracks Released!

The unique compilation of recordings from the 1970s made at the Foxrock Folk Club are now available worldwide.

The double CD ‘Live at Foxrock Folk Club: The Parish Hall Tapes 1970 – 72’ with 36 tracks and 16 page booklet can now be purchased in Ireland from:

HMV / Tower Records / Claddagh Records / Freebird Records / Mojo Records

And in the UK and worldwide from:

BirnamCD.com on-line store / Amazon UK / Amazon.com / iTunes

Buy now while stocks last!

via http://foxrockfolkclubproject.blogspot.ie/

List panel for wallet

Disc 1-03: I Wish I Was In Dublin Town – Andy Irvine

Disc 1-18: Intro Noddy’s Little Red Car – Andy Irvine

Disc 1-19: Noddy’s Little Red Car – Andy Irvine

Disc 2-02: Jack Tar – Andy Irvine

Disc 2-14: Talkin’ Dust Bowl Blues – Andy Irvine


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