Archive: Andy Irvine – Noise TV, Channel 31, 2004

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RTÉ Archives: Andy Irvine Chats to Shay Healy on Nighthawks 1990

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Andy Irvine talks about travelling with his music and falling in love with Eastern Europe.

Andy Irvine has played in many bands including Sweeneys Men, Planxty, and Patrick Street, but also finds time to play solo.

A band is great but there’s a lot more discipline in a band, there’s a lot more egos, or people that you have to take into account.

He performs the traditional Scottish song Allan McLean.

This episode of Nighthawks was broadcast on 23 October 1990.

Planxty compile new retrospective

Planxty compile new retrospective

Music/News: 05 Oct 2016, 10:25
Stuart Clark
Between The Jigs And Reels includes a treasure trove of rarities.

Christy Moore, Andy Irvine and Donal Lunny have personally assembled Planxty: Between The Jigs And Reels, A Retrospective.
Due on October 28, the CD/DVD package combines rare TV appearances and live sets with the pick of their studio recordings.
Arguably the most pioneering of all Irish trad outfits, their fan club includes Johnny Marr, Ed Sheeran and Doves’ Jim Goodwin.


The full track-listing is:

1. True Love Knows No Season (Billy Gray)
2. Pat Reilly
3. Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór
4. Follow Me Up To Carlow
5. Băneasă’s Green Glade / Mominsko Horo
6. The Aconry Lasses / The Old Wheels Of The World / The Spike Island Lasses
7. The Pursuit Of Farmer Michael Hayes
8. Accidentals / Aragon Mill
9. The Irish Marche
10. The Rambling Siúler
11. The Well Below The Valley
12. Junior Crehan’s Favourite / Corney Is Coming (Reels)
13. Roger O’Hehir
14. Smeceno Horo
15. The West Coast Of Clare
16. Nancy Spain
17. Timedance


1. The Blacksmith / Blacksmithereens
2. Three Drunken Maidens / The Foxhunter’s Reel
3. When First Unto This Country
4. Sweet Thames Flow Softly
5. The Gold Ring (Jig)
6. Hey! Sandy
7. Kitty Gone A Milking / Music Of The Forge (Reels)
8. Only Our Rivers Run Free
9. Raggle Taggle Gypsy / Tabhair Dom Do Lámh
10. Three Drunken Maidens / The Foxhunter’s Reel (Reprise)
11. The Good Ship Kangaroo
12. Ride A Mile / Hardiman The Fiddler / The Yellow Wattle (Jigs)
13. The Hackler From Grouse Hall
14. An Bonnán Buí / The West Wind (Reel)
15. The Jolly Beggar
16. Sally Brown
17. Bean Pháidín / Rakish Paddy
18. Little Musgrave
19. East At Glendart / Brian O’Lynn / Pay The Reckoning (Double Jigs)
20. The Lady On The Island / The Gatehouse Maid / The Virginia / Callaghan’s (Reels)
21. As I Roved Out
22. Smeceno Horo
23. Johnny Of Brady’s Lea
24. The Pullet / The Ladies’ Pantalettes (Reels)
25. I Pity The Poor Immigrant
26. Arthur McBride
27. True Love Knows No Season (Billy Gray)
28. Timedance
29. You Rambling Boys Of Pleasure
30. The Good Ship Kangaroo
31. Táimse Im’ Chodladh
32. Thousands Are Sailing
33. The Queen Of The Rushes / Paddy Fahy’s (Jigs)
34. Little Musgrave
35. The Scholar / The Chattering Magpie / Lord McDonald’s / The Virginia / Callaghan’s (Reels)
36. The Cliffs Of Dooneen