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Irish folk legends Paul Brady and Andy Irvine on collaboration, friendship and their return to London after four decades

BY: Ryan Price
October 03, 2018

VETERANS of Irish music, Paul Brady and Andy Irvine joined the London Calling podcast ahead of their upcoming return to London.

On the 12th episode of the podcast, Brady and Irvine spoke to host Ryan Price from Paul’s studio in Dublin, as they prepare to play London together for the first time in over 40 years.

On the 15 October, two of Ireland’s finest musicians will take to stage at Barbican Hall to play songs from their 1977 album, Paul Brady and Andy Irvine, which remains to be regarded as a seminal piece of work in Irish music.

The pair first entered the studio together at the beginning of 1976, following the breakup of folk band Planxty. Brady was to take over from Christy Moore who had vacated the popular group, but it soon became clear that the two would fare better by collaborating between themselves.

That they did, and in the summer of ’76 they hunkered down in Rockfield Studios in Wales to compile a combination of songs which included ‘Plains of Kildare’, ‘Arthur McBride’ and ‘The Streets of Derry’.

In this conversation, both Brady and Irvine opened up about the Dublin folk scene of the 1960’s and 70’s, the creation of their much-loved album and their friendship which has remained strong over the years.

Paul Brady and Andy Irvine will be joined by Donal Lunny and Kevin Burke at their show at London’s Barbican on Monday 15 October.

Tickets are still available and can be purchased here.

The pair also play Dublin’s National Concert Hall, Cork Opera House and Prague’s Archa Theatre.



Interview: The Music and Travels of Andy Irvine

Ep125 The Music and Travels of Andy Irvine Living Heritage Podcast

Andy Irvine is a world music pioneer and an icon for traditional music and musicians. Although an integral part of the finest Irish bands of our time, including Sweeney’s Men in the mid 60s, Planxty in the 70s, his duo with Paul Brady in the later 70s, as well as Patrick Street, Mozaik, LAPD and Usher’s Island, Andy Irvine continues along the path he set for himself so long ago – a vibrant career as a solo artist in the old style, a teller of tales and maker of music. In this episode, Andy talks about his upcoming Woody Guthrie album, his travels, and his music. Andy performed at the 2018 St. John’s Folk Festival.

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The Living Heritage Podcast is about people who are engaged in the heritage and culture sector, from museum professionals and archivists, to tradition bearers and craftspeople – all those who keep history alive at the community level. The show is a partnership between HFNL and CHMR Radio. Past episodes are hosted on Libsyn, and you can subscribe via iTunes, or Stitcher. Theme music is Rythme Gitan by Latché Swing.


Archive: 30th Jul 2004 – RTÉ Radio Interview

Here is a short interview with Andy Irvine from an RTÉ Radio show 30th July 2004. Andy also sang three songs, Prince Among Men, O’Donoghues and Reynardine. Andy’s words in bold.

The first half of the show is music, music, music from Andy Irvine, who’s public debut was in ‘A Tale Of Five Cities’ but eventually he left the ‘star child thing’ and went on to discover skiffle and moved into music. The history has not been a very linear beginning, middle or end, so he is guarded that trend throughout his career. Many of the great bands and albums of the last 30 years have benefited from his great musicianship. Including Sweeney’s Men, Planxty, Patrick Street and now, the cross border, cross ocean Mozaik. Not even to mention ‘that’ album with Paul Brady. Andy Irvine joins me in the studio this morning.

A very, very warm welcome Andy Irvine.

A- Thanks Myles.

We’re going to hear a few pieces of music from you and we may as well start with one straight away. Your going to play a thing called ‘Prince Among Men’

A – Yeah, A Prince Among Men. I wrote it a few years ago. I met a man in Glasgow, who’s Father had been a coal miner and who had worked very hard to avoid his son going down the pit as well, so it is just that.

( sings song ) 

Thank you very much, terrific song. Prince Among Men from Andy Irvine. You were actually in the studio a few weeks ago with Planxty.

A – Yeah!  (more…)