Andy Irvine & Luke Plumb

Andy & Luke on ABC Radio National’s The Music Show


Andy Irvine was born in London of Irish roots. His career has taken him from traditional Irish and English folk songs to traditional music of Bulgaria, Greece and Hungary and the latter changed his output forever. From his early Irish folk days with Christy Moore, Paul Brady and Donal Lunny, Andy’s helped turn the sound of folk music from an unaccompanied form to include bazouki’s, gaida’s and the kaval, but always resisting drum kits and bass guitar. He’s in for a live set with mandolinist Luke Plumb.

Music played live in this segment:
Farewell to Kellswater (Trad. Sam Henry collection)
Frank Ryan (comp. Irvine)

abc-radio-melbourne-andy-lukePerformed on bass mandola and mandolins by Andy Irvine and Luke Plumb

Producer: Penny Lomax



Setlist: 22/Jan/17 – Andy Irvine & Luke Plumb

22 Jan 2017 – Andy Irvine & Luke Plumb Setlist at Kindlehill Performance Space, Wentworth Falls, NSW , Australia


A Prince Among Men
You Rambling Boys Of Pleasure
I’m Champion at Keeping ’em Rolling (Ewan MacColl)
The Close Shave (Bob Bickerton)
As I Roved Out
The Death Of Ben Hall
The Plains Of Kildare
Farewell to Kellswater
My Heart’s Tonight in Ireland
The Blacksmith / Black Smithereens
Never Tire of the Road


Mid Tour Update from Luke Plumb

Howdy Folks!

So, back after weekend number three of the 6 week(end) tour with Andy Irvine. Up til now we have been focused on three festivals – Woodford, Cygnet and Illawarra – with Andy taking in a couple solo shows in between.

It really is a marvel that these events happen as smoothly as they do for the sheer size of the logistics involved in running and managing the catalogue of artists, venues, volunteers and stallholders. It’s a Herculean feat and hats off to those brave individuals who come together to pull it off.

It feels like we’re really hitting a stride in this last batch of gigs and i’m genuinely excited for how the sound will further develop over the next 3 weekends. We have gigs in and around Sydney this weekend, Newstead festival the week following and to wrap the tour up a handful of shows in and around Melbourne.

The official launch of the album “Precious Heroes” at the Spotted Mallard will definitely be a highlight as Kate Burke and Ruth Hazleton will be joining us – what a thrill!

More soon, lots of news but I’m seizing the moments where I can….