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Together with our friends in Failte Ireland we’ve decided to create this series of Temple Bar TradFest podcasts to connect with our listeners from around the world about see how they are coping during the Covid-19 lockdown. And we wanted to share these stories and experiences with you our listener wherever you are.Each week we’ll have a chat with different people from the music industry across the globe. And of course, you can’t have a TradFest podcast without a track or two. Until we’re all Together again in music.

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Old Dog Long Road – Vol.2

Old Dog Long Road – Vol.2

(1961-2015) [2 Discs]

November 2020 [AK-9]

Old Dog Long Road 2

Price €20.00 
(including shipping costs)

On foot of the success of my retrospective collection “Old Dog Long Road” volume 1(AK-8), we now bring you volume 2!

These recordings represent a record of my long career of playing music and for that reason I can’t resist adding in one or two tracks that go back to the very beginning when I would return from my day job, take up my Gibson L-00 guitar, put my newly half-learned harmonica in the rack that Ramblin’ Jack Elliott had given me, turn on the big tape recorder that my mother had bought for me and record a song or two that had been going through my head all that day.

Most of the tracks on this double CD are my own solo performances, gigs and home recordings, but there are some songs and tunes, recorded with other musicians and previously unreleased. The Greek song, “The Snows” with Mozaik (Andy, Dónal Lunny, Bruce Molsky, Rens van der Zalm and Nikola Parov) featuring Chrysoula Kechagioglou is a track we recorded, but left out of Mozaik’s latest album “The Long And The Short Of It” (MOZCD03). “Sweet Bann Water” – a traditional song learned from the singing of Joe Holmes and Len Graham – I recorded in ‘the wild’ in South Australia with Rens van der Zalm for our album “Parachilna” (AK-4) in 2012. The traditional songs and tunes I recorded include “Jack Mulroe”(2008), “The Royal Forester”(1978), a different version of “A Blacksmith Courted Me”(1970), a hornpipe “The Drunken Sailor”(1984) and jigs “The Contentment Is Wealth/The Shores Of Lough Gowna”(1984), and an early song of my own, “You Fascists Bound To Lose”(1968).

I have great memories of playing with Nollaig Casey and Des Moore and I’ve included the hornpipes, “Cooley’s/O’Dwyer’s”(1983) from the one tour we did. There is a live Planxty track with Johnny Moynihan, Paul Brady and the late much lamented Liam O’Flynn on “As I Roved Out”(1975) and “The Blind Harper” with Dónal Lunny at Tailor’s Hall in the Liberties of old Dublin in 1978.

Considering the age of some of these ‘performances’, the sound quality is remarkable. The example of an “oldie” on this collection is “Hobo’s Lullaby”(1961), recorded nearly sixty years ago.

I’d like to offer my great thanks to Leon O’Neill, a master and a perfectionist in getting the very best sound out of old slightly faded recordings! And thanks sincerely to all the venues, sound engineers and audiences, all over the world, who have contributed to this release.

Produced by Andy Irvine

Track list:

[Disc 1]
1. Erin Go Bragh (Trad. Arr. Irvine) 2010
2. Carrowclare (Trad. Arr. Irvine) 2005
3. Facing The Chair (Andy Irvine) 1982
4. A Blacksmith Courted Me (Trad. Arr. Irvine) 1970
5. Hornpipe: The Drunken Sailor (Trad. Arr. Irvine) 1984
6. Douglas Mawson (Andy Irvine) 1989
7. The Snows – Οι χιονιές – (Lyrics: Eirini Chalkou / Music: George Konitopoulos) 2015
8. Banks Of Newfoundland (Trad. Arr. Irvine) 1995
9. Hornpipes: Cooley’s / O’Dwyer’s (Trad. Arr. Irvine / Casey / Moore) 1983
10. Jack Mulroe (Trad. Arr. Irvine) 2008
11. Sweet Bann Water (Trad. Arr. Irvine) 2012

[Disc 2]
1. As I Roved Out (Trad. Arr. Irvine / Brady / O’Flynn / Moynihan) 1975
2. John Barlow (Trad. Arr. Irvine) 1995
3. Love To Be With You (Andy Irvine) 2005
4. Jigs: Contentment Is Wealth / The Shores Of Lough Gowna (Trad. Arr. Irvine) 1984
5. The Blind Harper (Trad. Arr. Irvine) 1978
6. Hobo’s Lullaby (Trad. Arr. Irvine) 1961
7. Three Huntsmen (Trad. Arr. Irvine) 2002
8. Rude Awakening (Andy Irvine) 1992
9. Sergeant Small (Trad. Arr. Irvine) 2008
10. The Royal Forester (Trad. Arr. Irvine) 1978
11. The Wind Blows Over The Danube (Andy Irvine) 2005
12. You Fascists Bound To Lose (Andy Irvine) 1969

Andy Irvine – On Songwriting, The Road & Woodie Guthrie — A Hidden Culture

In this interview, Andy Irvine chats with Ruth Hazleton about Australia, songwriting, traditional song and his lifetime passion for the songs of Woody Guthrie. It features three songs: ‘Gunshot Creek’, ‘Banks of Bann’ & ‘Polly on the Shore’. From his website: “ANDY IRVINE is one of the great Irish singers, his voice one of a […]

Andy Irvine – On Songwriting, The Road & Woodie Guthrie — A Hidden Culture

MusicTown & The National Concert Hall presents 𝐋𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞

MusicTown & The National Concert Hall presents 𝐋𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 featuring Andy Irvine & Dónal Lunny * Radie Peat * The Mary Wallopers * Maija Sofia * Sorcha Ní Scolaí

Live-streamed on Sept 22nd, 8pm, @NCH_Music

Tickets here: https://link.dice.fm/d1cYGDfcM9

#RSD2020 – Christy Moore – Prosperous (Tara Music)

Christy Moore – Prosperous (Tara Music)

Christy Moore’s seminal album Prosperous will be available on limited edition 180gsm blue vinyl. Originally released in 1972, the classic record featured Liam O’ Flynn, Andy Irvine and Donal Lunny, who later went on to form Planxty. Nearly 40 years since Prosperous was last printed, the new edition has been remastered from the original master tapes, with a limited run of 1000 hand numbered copies. Out Aug 29.

Prosperous LP 2020