Setlist: London Irish Centre, London UK – 02-MAY-2018


  1. The Creggan White Hare/When the Boys Are on Parade
  2. Three Huntsmem
  3. I Wish I Was In Belfast Town
  4. A Prince Among Men
  5. (Houdini) [New Song]
  6. James Connolly
  7. My Heart’s Tonight in Ireland
  8. Stewball and the Monaghan Grey Mare
  9. Here’s a Health to Every Miner Lad
  10. Reynardine/Johnny Coolig
  11. O’Donoghue’s
  12. The Dandenong
  13. Erin’s Green Shore
  14. (No Irish Need Apply) [New Song – Video clip below]
  15. Farewell to Kellswater
  16. A Blacksmith Courted Me


  17. West Coast of Clare
  18. The Close Shave (Bob Bickerton)


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