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Planx for the music

No Disco pay homage to groundbreaking Irish post-trad band Planxty in an hour long special (tonight, Wednesday, March 5th, N2, 11.50pm)

In not-so-typical No Disco stylee, tonight’s hour’s-worth of unknown televisual pleasures takes the unlikely form of an hour-long Planxty special.

“On tonight’s No Disco, we pay very special homage to Planxty, one of the great groundbreaking and rule-breaking bands of Irish musical history,” explains Cork’s redoubtable disco-free massive in a press release this morning. (hmm, maybe it IS “typical No Disco” after all)

“Featuring exclusive interviews with three of the original members – Andy Irvine, Christy Moore and Liam Og O’Flynn – we trace their formation in Prosperous, Co. Kildare in 1971, right through their glorious first period, taking in stunning live performances and TV appearances from the RTE archive, as well as the various lineup changes, business mishaps and landmarks, the 1978 reformation, following the ongoing saga to this very day. The program also features performances from Planxty’s ’70s contemporaries such as Paul Brady and the Bothy Band.”

Even more enticingly, non-Planxty guest interviewees on tonight’s programme – that is, Planxty fans with whom readers might just be extremely familiar – include David Kitt, Richie Egan (The Redneck Manifesto), Jimi Goodwin (Doves) and Colm Mac An Iomaire (the Frames).

“The program is not intended as a definitive Planxty documentary by any means,” the ND boys add, “but is merely No Disco’s perspective on one of the most influential and joyous bands of music makers this country has ever seen or heard.”

Tonight’s No Disco Planxty special airs at the later-than-usual time of 11.50pm (N2), just after the Meteor Awards. Synchronise VCRs, peops…



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