MusicTown 2017: Brady & Irvine: A Tribute



C8ApUwsXwAEkIU0Forty years ago, following the decline of Planxty, Paul Brady and Andy Irvine went into the studio to explore a fresh new collaboration. What came next was one of the most influential and iconic albums of folk song ever recorded on the island of Ireland. As a testament to the album’s lasting influence, MusicTown sees Dublin’s young, up and coming folk singers perform songs from the timeless record forty years after the fact.


Modern tribute to Irish Folk singer duo Brady and Irvine

In celebration of the 40-year existence of one of Ireland’s most iconic albums, Andy Irvine/Paul Brady, a tribute will be held at the Liberty Hall Theatre, Dublin as part of MusicTown 2017, which runs from April 7 till April 17.

The Paul Brady/Andy Irvine duo brought forth some of the most influential albums ever recorded by Irish artists and, to mark 40th anniversary of Andy Irvine/Paul Brady, a special concert will be held.

The Dublin’s new generation folk singers and trad musicians will perform songs from the old Brady/Irvine record. The line-up will include Radie Peat and Ian Lynch of Lynched, Ye Vagabonds, Lisa O’Neill, Landless, John Flynn, Paddy Cummins and Macdara Yeates of Skipper’s Alley, Danny Diamond (Slow Moving Clouds, Mórga), Hajime Takahashi (Liam O’Brien, The Friel Sisters), and Saileog Ní Cheannabháin.


Tickets can be bought for 24 euros at

For more details about MusicTown 2017, go to: MusicTown2017




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