Setlist: 19/Mar/17 – Usher’s Island at Vicar St.

19 Mar 2017 – Usher’s Island Setlist at Vicar St, Dublin, Ireland


  • The Half Century Set
  • Farewell to Olde Ireland (Andy Irvine)
  • Five Drunken Landlady’s
  • Wild Roving (John Doyle)
  • Bean Phaidin (Donal Lunny)
  • Set of Tunes
  • Molly Ban (Andy Irvine)
  • Heart In Hand (John Doyle)


  • O’Donoghues
  • Set of Tunes
  • Felix The Soldier (Andy Irvine)
  • Cairndaisy (John Doyle)
  • As Good As It Gets (Andy Irvine)
  • Set of Tunes


  • Sean Keane’s
  • My Heart’s Tonight In Ireland


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