Live at Foxrock Folk Club – The Parish Hall Tapes 1970-72 – Irish Times Review

Live at Foxrock Folk Club – The Parish Hall Tapes 1970-72: intriguing snapshot of the folk scene

Live at Folkrock Folk Club
Various Artists
Cornelscourt Records

We’re all aware that the local can be global and vice versa. These archive recordings (from Cornelscourt Parish Hall), offer an occasionally intriguing snapshot of the live folk, jazz and blues scene at that time.

While the sheer volume of recorded material is impressive, the audio quality is often rough, with distortions posing a hazard to the listener wishing to travelthrough the overly-generous double CD of 37 tracks.

But the sweet serendipity of some of the rarer outtakes compensates somewhat, particularly in the four songs by Luke Kelly, a timely reminder of the sheer viscerality of his singing.

Andy Irvine’s contributions are many and inventive, particularly when he summons the spirit of Woody Guthrie in earnest on Talking Dust Bowl Blues.

Al O’Donnell, Sonny Condell and Clawhammer offer further riches to the melée.



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