Rare Songs

Here’s a list I’ve come across from the China2Galway site of rare songs Andy Irvine has performed over the years. 
I’d be very much interested if anyone has the lyrics to these songs. 
Also if by some magic chance you happen to have a recording of Andy singing these (or any other) rare songs, please do get in touch! 
Never Tire…

Song info written by Keiron of China2Galway:

Lough Haven Harper (The Blind Harper)

I have always loved this song, that I first heard sung by Nic Jones, a wonderful English folk singer. So I was extremely surprised to find a version of this song on a live recording by Andy and Donal Lunny in 1979. How did this ever escape the recording studio! Wonderful bouzouki and singing here. These types of old songs seem to fit Andy’s vocals so well.

Lawrence 1912

I have two recordings of Andy singing this the best being at the Sidmouth Festival in 1997. A powerful song. There are a lot of words in this song, and I am always amazed how Andy remembers them and with such passion in his voice too.

You and I in One Bed Lie

This is another wonderful old song that works very well with Andy’s vocals and bouzouki. A tale of riddles and love. Andy plays it to a tune that he sometimes plays to a new version of the song Johnston. Both work very well but must say I prefer this love song instead.

I Thought That It Was Raining.

When the news of a Mozaik album came to my ears I was desperately hoping that this would be among the tracks. I had heard this a couple of years before on a live recording and was the most wonderful love song. Sadly it wasn’t on the Mozaik first release but I hope it will be there on a future one. One for all you romantic’s for sure but sung in Bulgarian. One of the lines goes ‘ it wasn’t raining, it was my tears falling’. A truly beautiful song!

Shining Star.

Shining Star is another track that I hope to see on the next release from Mozaik. Again sung in Bulgarian and again beautifully done.

The Douglas Tragedy

This is a fantastic song that I found on an old recording that someone sent me. What a lovely surprise to hear this gem! It has a magical old time sound, and it is just addictive to listen to. I have never heard him sing this song again, sadly but it has always been a tune that I went back to listen to………again and again. This is one of the Child Ballads and is more than a hundred years old but the great thing about these old songs is that there is always a new generation to hear them and love them. The words start ‘ Rise up, Rise up my husband dear, put on your armour so bright, for it never be said that your Daughter was wed to a Lord, in the dead of the night’. Beautiful. These old ballads work so well with Andy’s vocals, and playing style. I really, really enjoyed this song.

Victor Hara of Chile.

Victor Hara was a singer and songwriter in Chile, who was murdered for his revolutionary words. The words of this song, written by Arlo Guthrie will chill you to the bone. A very powerful song, with very powerful and chilling words. I first heard this sung by Dick Gaughan and still the definitive version. I only have one recording of Andy singing this song.

The Man that Shot the Dog.

I might very well be the only person that does not like this song, …………don’t get me wrong, brilliantly written and very funny, and I really enjoyed hearing it the first couple of times but don’t know how it would sit in an album. In saying that it is very popular with the audience, and is regularly requested at gigs. This is sung unaccompanied and has a lot of words. Great story!

Source: http://www.china2galway.com/Rare%20and%20Unrecorded.htm [deadlink]



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