Andy Irvine Lyrics Archive Launched!

The goal is to collect the lyrics Andy has sung both as a solo artist & with the various groups he’s performed with over the years into one central location. We have made a good start but we need your help.

 Andy Irvine Lyrics Archive

If anyone has any lyrics we’re missing & would like to submit them it would be a big help!

To the best of my knowledge Andy’s contributions to Sweeney’s Men, Planxty & Mozaik are complete. Solo works, Collaborations & Patrick Street sections need some love, but they are filling out nicely.

(corrections to incorrect lyrics are also welcome!)



  1. Here are the lyrics to Mall of Lismore, from the 1977 The Gathering album.
    These will be printed in Irish Music Magazine this coming October along with a commentary.


    Come all you fair maids take a warning
    And it’s never a soldier take wed
    Or else like myself you’ll be mourning
    Far better live single instead

    For once I was young and light hearted
    But now all my pleasures are o’er
    Since my darling has gone and he’s left me
    All alone in the Mall of Lismore

    As I went a walking one morning
    Down by the sweet banks of the Finn
    I met with a dashing young soldier
    And soon my poor heart he did win

    I thought him both handsome and charming
    His features I ne’er saw before
    But alas has gone and he’s left me
    All alone in the Mall of Lismore

    To Dublin his regiment was ordered
    And my soldier he didn’t take long
    In picking a dispute with his Sergeant
    And it was for this misfortune was wronged

    He was handcuffed and tied with a halter
    And his back with the lash was made sore
    And that was the reason he left me
    All alone in the Mall of Lismore

    Farewell to the banks of Blackwater
    And adieu to my parents and home
    Since my father her disowned his own daughter
    In some foreign valleys I’ll roam

    May he always be blessed with good fortune
    And I hope that I’ll meet him once more
    But alas has gone and he’s left me
    All alone in the Mall of Lismore

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